Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/10 - Paul and Storm

As tomorrow is February 19 and as tomorrow I get to go see Jonathan Coulton with the opening act of Paul and Storm, then today I deem as Paul and Storm Day for the Dementia Song of the Day.

Paul and Storm are some fun loving guys. You saw them a couple weeks ago in the Super Bowl commercial song. They have the record for the longest running song on the Dementia Top 20 with "Me Make Fire" at 42 weeks (which is currently being challenged by Below Average Dave's "I Verbed A Noun", currently at 35 weeks.) And most importantly, they have a gallery of panties thrown at their show to make up for the line in their song, "Opening Band" about how not a single pair of panties has been thrown.

So, in all this madness comes their theme song, "Paul and Storm Theme Song". Enjoy.


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