Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31/10 - O.V. Michaelsen

This may be the smartest person I've ever done a song of the day for, at least that has been quantified.

O.V. Michaelsen was a puzzle editor for the Mensa International Journal. He has written three word play books. He is a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist. The guy is all around pretty talented and apparently quite brilliant. I may have to check into one of his books, which a reviewer on Amazon called, "Send[ing] your brain to Disneyland."

This song is a parody of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" called, "I Talk Online." Pretty funny. Hope you enjoy it.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/30/2010 - Glen Stollberger

Good morning my little hobbitses.

Glen Stollberger, also known as 2nz from the AmIRight Parody Network, came up with this little ditty about Lord of the Rings called, "Destroy One Ring." It is a parody of Queens "We are the Champions" and he does a good job with the music... errr... clapping. Goes to show that you don't necessarily need all kinds of musical instruments to make an effective song.

Find Glen on Soundclick and at AmIRight.

Gimli, son of Gloin, you have joined the fellows
But insist you don't wanna be thrown you say
A huge beard on your face
(Braid)-ed with grace
Running so hard to keep with the pace

(We must)
One Ring

One Ring

Legolas with keen sight you fight-
Arrows rush to meet with some orcs who won't last the day
An elf knife for the chase
(ya) long eared race
Walking on the snow, not leaving a trace

One Ring

One Ring

Boromir's a strong man, stout man, brave
Has a dream, gonna get to Gondor some day
He thinks my ring is nice
Bad advice
Before this war is over he's gonna think twice

One Ring

One Ring

(Every hobbit)
One Ring

One Ring

Bonus by Glen:

Fun live stuff :)


Friday, January 29, 2010

1/29/10 - Robert Lund

Ok, this one is a little harder to classify the artist. It appears on a Robert Lund album, "Politicked Off". It's written by It's sung by Michele Davis. It's audited by Bob, the accountant from Accountemps. But we'll get to that.

I just finished my taxes so taxes are on my mind. Sure, it's not even close to April 15th, but I don't like waiting until the last minute. Last year I did them early and they kept getting rejected because I had my daughter's birthyear wrong. Got it fixed on April 13th. Bad dad. This year, everything is good. I double-checked.

So with tax season coming up, what better way to send your tax check in but with a copy of Lund's/'s/Michele's parody of Faith Hill's song, "Kiss This" called, "Kiss This! (Hey IRS)"? Again, I think Spaff is a lyrical genius. I have always enjoyed songs with tons of puns and double meanings (in the Christian world, Steve Taylor is the same way.) Spaff doesn't disappoint in this area.

Anyway, here's "Kiss This! (Hey IRS)":

I don't want no April 15th
I don't need another judgment day, no
Anything the good Lord giveth
Uncle Sam he
'Cause Big Brother's got a big debt
Baby, guess who has to pay?

It's the way you mug me
It's unspeakable pain
It's a personal washout
Down a bottomless drain
It's abhorrently taxing
It's uhhnn believable

Kiss this! Kiss this!
Kiss this! Kiss this!

Doing taxes ain't so scary
Simply add up what you made, oh
Take it to the actuary
Where he subtracts
The tax
You've paid
Then you mail in twice the difference
Plus a check for Medicaid

It's a Form 1040
It's a penalty clause
It's inscrutable worksheets
It's nonsensical laws
It's unspendable income
It's uhhnn deductible

Kiss this! Kiss this!
Kiss this! Kiss this!

You can tax me on my taxes
Then you tax the funds that remain
You can tax me on bikini waxes
For a jolt of similar pain
Slap on sadistic audits
Don't let anything pass
You've bent me over
So kiss - my - ass - ets

It's the way you mug me
It's relentlessly lame
It's aggressively wasteful
This unwinnable game
It's unsportsmanlike conduct
It's uhhnn depreciable

Kiss this! Kiss this!
It's criminal
Kiss this! Kiss this!

Kiss my bottom line there, baby
Kiss my bottom line there, darlin'


Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/28/10 - Fred Landau

As evil as they are, you have got to admire terrorist for their ingenious thinking of ways to get around the system. Can't strap a bomb around your waist anymore, get it in your shoe next to the shoe phone. Have to take off your shoes? How about making your underwear into a bomb? I'm sure toupee bomb and denture bombs are coming up soon.

To combat this from happening comes almighty technology and the super scanner of doooooooom! Or at least the one that sees through your clothes better than Superman being a peeping Tom with married Louis Lane -- oh forget I mentioned that. That movie never happened. People are upset about this - especially the ones that it is targeted at I would imagine.

In comes Fred Landau with his parody of Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon" called "Fly Me in the Nude." You should get your screener's name before entering because it's so intimate now :)

Here it is, enjoy:


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/10 - Slyth66

I usually enjoy Slyth's stuff. He is a youtube parodist who is not afraid to make fun of himself or dress up silly to get some comedy across. In reality, Slyth66 is 16 year old Clifton from South Carolina. He has a great sense of humor and really likes making those videos. Let me post what he has as his description from his Youtube page:

I love filmmaking, acting, photography, and video editing.

YouTube tells me that my account does not contain sufficient original new content that represents the uniqueness of their community, but I beg to differ!

I am a right arm amputee. I had my right arm amputated when I was a few days old. I've lived like this my whole life so I have adjusted to do things with one arm that others do with two. It doesn't affect me as a person at all. Hey, who needs two arms? :-)

I thought I featured Slyth once before but looking back, I hadn't so I'm glad I get to now. Here's Slyth with a parody of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" called, "Please Stop" featuring one of my favorite themes, stalking. Enjoy:

Wake up in the morning and I feel like poo
Wash my face, I brush my teeth, just like I always do
Before I leave, check my FaceBook and look what I see
This annoying girl Cindy, left a comment for me

I'm talking messages every day, day
She will not go away, way
Texting me on my phone, phone
Hold up, how did she get my number?
Watching me in my slumber
This chick is driving me bonkers

Please stop, make her stop
Sorry, but I need my space
Alright, you're a creep
Just get away from me
Please stop, oh my God
But this girl won't stop, no

She follows me to school, and all the way home
She's like a freaky little stalker, never leaves me alone
You see, I'm not the type of guy to just kick her away
But when I go out to the clubs I'll just dress like I'm gay

Ok that wasn't a very good trick, trick
Boys tryin' to grab my dick, dick
Guess it's better than that creepy chick, chick

Now, now, she's walking into the club, club
she's making out with a slut, slut
Making out with a slut, slut
Making out with a slut

Please stop, make her stop
Sorry, but I need my space
Alright, you're a creep
Just get away from me
Please stop, oh my God
But this girl won't stop, no

You beam me up
You chase me down
You're always around
Now, you caught me

What do you want
You got me now
You're always around
Yeah, you caught me

You beam me up
You chase me down
You're always around
Now, you caught me

Send me back home
No place like home
No place like home

Now, as soon as I'm gone she comes back in

Please stop, make her stop
Sorry, but I need my space
Alright, you're a creep
Just get away from me
Please stop, oh my God
But this girl won't stop, no

Please stop, make her stop
Sorry, but I need my space
Alright, you're a creep
Just get away from me
Please stop, oh my God
But this girl won't stop, no


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/26/10 - Flaming Hot Danger

A couple of months ago, Weird Al helped explain some of what autotune is. Flaming Hot Danger has taken the idea of autotune and expanded it to autolife. Automatic doors, automatic e-mail replies, automatic facebook and twitter entries, automatic transmission. Life is becoming more and more automatic. It's almost like we are all turning into Payton Manning.

So here is Flaming Hot Danger with "Livin' In An Auto World":

Find Flaming Hot Danger on Garageband and Myspace.


Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25/10 - Kobi LaCroix

I mentioned Kobi LaCroix a couple of days ago when Prince came out with his Vikings theme song so it is only fitting that he came out with a new song -- or should I say the "Chorus of the Ridiculous" did. The Chorus Ridiculous consists of Kobi LaCroix, Kobi LaCroix, Kobi LaCroix, Kobi LaCroix, and special guest singer Kobi LaCroix. In reality, IHOP could have been considered a Chorus Ridiculous song with Kobi's multiple voices, octaves and harmonies. He is quite talented that way.

So enter Kobi and Crew with their rendition of "Pants of the Ground." Someone told me yesterday that it was over. Is "All Your Base" over? Is Kanye West interrupting over? Is Rick Rolling over? Can a cat has a cheezburger? Ok, maybe it did outlive itself already, but Kobi came out with a classic rendition. So here is the Chorus Ridiculous with "Pants of the Ground":

Check out Kobi LaCroix on his website


Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/24/10 - Below Average Dave

My wife and I both got new phones just recently with a plan that has unlimited texting. This is good since my wife has on occasion gone over her text limit and we had to pay a little extra to cover it. Me, I don't text. Except to her in reply. I'd rather watch TV and check twitter on my phone so the unlimited data helps too.

Not being a text aficionado, I sometimes have to try to decipher the texts I do get. TTYL? ILY? ORLY? OMGWTFBBQ? How does she learn these things (I made that up)? So here is Below Average Dave sharing my texting struggle with his song, "Text Messaging Ain't Right". Enjoy:

Dave is on Soundclick and on his website, not to mention he is a moderator at the AmIRight Parody Network.


Compact what I'm saying
when typing
Abbreviate what I see
Say B.R.B.
What does that mean, Frustration
from conversation
F.Y.I., it makes me cry you see
Words are out of style
Never spell out U
Can you spell out a word or two
Looking like a stooge
He said T.Y. , it meant thank you?
W.T.F. is with that dude?
And they speak it too, from their mouths cutting verbs
Stutter half the time and I do not know the words
I still spell out hello, shows my age
They all think that I'm J.K.

What's with that word MILF?
What does that word mean?
Text Messaging ain't right, what's that, what's that
Still wondering bought MILF?
I'm not joking when I say
What's That?


That text was bold, feeling old
I can't keep up as this stuff unfolds
And I don't have a damn prayer
Stressing out here
Smileys are emotions with a face
I understand that
It's 2.M.O.Z. I can't take
It wont stop, It spreads around, I go flop
Need to drop this system
put full speak back on top
Put it back up
I'm still typing out my sentence
Spelled it out again
And spelled it out again I said

What's wrong with spelling out 'too'
I don't know, I'll never have a damn clue
What does it mean when they say F.U.
It's spinning my head

This new language hell, cuts English like swiss
Text Messaging ain't right, what's that, what's that
Making my brain melt
I Can't read what you've displayed

What does S.O.B. mean I don't know
I.M. is unappealing, it's not like speaking
In fact it really kinda blows
I can't comprehend it, though I try
When I try to dissect it my mind is fried
And it's such a damn fright, a fright

Shorten things to hell
It still don't feel quite right, oh well
oh well
When you text by cell
I think you meant Ash Tray?






(LOL, LMAO continues in the background)
Short text get's old, sucks at most
T.T.Y.L until your vocab grows
Someday think we could speak
I swear full text
I think I'm perplexed when I ty-y-y-y-y-y-y-pe


Please let text speak go. . .


Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/23/10 - Prince

Prince isn't necessarily known as a comedic singer. This can't be classified as anything else though. Unless you are Kobi LaCroix.

Apparently Prince is a Minnesota Vikings fan. To show his undying support, he created this song about the Purple and Gold. Is that a Minnesota thing? The Lakers, the Purple and Gold, were originally from Minnesota. The Vikings are Purple and Gold. The Mr. T/Barney Hybrid is Purple and wears gold chains. Luckily, this song is only about the Vikings. And it is more demented than funny in a strange, Prince/Symbol kind of way.

Prince: Purple and Gold:

the veil of the sky draws open
the roar of the chariots touch down
we r the ones who have now come again
and walk upon water like solid ground
as we approach the throne we won’t bow down
this time we won’t be denied

raise every voice and let it be known
in the name of the purple and gold

we come in the name of the purple and gold
all of the odds are in our favor
no prediction too bold
we are the truth if the truth can be told
long reign the purple and gold

the eyes say ready for battle
no need for sword in hand
we are all amped up like a rock n roll band
ready to celebrate every score
ready to fight the elegant war
ready to hear the crowd roar

that’s what we came for
and so much more
in the name of the purple and gold

our spirits may be tired
our bodies may be worn
but since this day is our destiny
our history – that’s why we must be
forever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings’ horn
in the name of the purple and gold


Friday, January 22, 2010

1/22/10 - Devistating Soundz

I usually don't do the same song twice (forget Chiron Beta Prime) but this one is a use of the original with new verses.

Devistating Soundz, aka DatBoy, is a hip hop artist who took Larry Platt's rendition of "Pants on the Ground", added a funky beat and a couple of verses. It sounds pretty good actually.

Here's DatBoy featuring Larry Platt with another mix of "Pants on the Ground":


Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/21/10 - Itchiecat

58 year old Archie Bowen is a singer, songwriter, musician, and most importantly, a cat lover. He is from Lawton, Oklahoma. In this song, he takes the point of view of King Kong who is bored of his normal choices in undergarments. After all, with a physique like that, who wouldn't want to show it off?

This song is called, "King Kong Thong Song". Enjoy.

Early one morning, at the crack of dawn, The old king stretched as he stifled
a yawn. He gazed at the mirror as he scratched his head, and said to himself,
“I better get out of bed.” But his eyes couldn’t leave the reflection within,
And he thought to himself, I’m looking peaked and thin. His eyes slowly dark-
ened as he pondered what he saw, And concluded that he didn’t look good in the
raw. So he scratched and he himmed, and he paced and he hawed, And declared out
loud, “I’m a fake, I’m a fraud!” From this day forward, I shall have a new

CHORUS: “I’ll start with the look of something new, I always looked good
in Baby Sky Blue.” “I’ll try a look with something new,” “Wait till they see
me in baby sky blue.”

So off to the kitchen with his apron and his tongs,
His grin slowly widened. He knew what was wrong. “It’s these boxers, these
briefs”, he sighed with relief, “they’re baggy and boxy causing me grief!
His eyes gently twinkled as he whispered to himself, “I’m not getting any
younger, I’ve waited to long, what this ole boy needs is a baby blue thong!

CHORUS!!! “I’ll start with the look of something new, I always looked good
in Baby Sky Blue.” “I’ll try a look with something new,” “Wait till they see
me in baby sky blue.”

BRIDGE: “Now I’m sure by now, you folks out there, have pictured this ape in his underwear.” “Flexing his buns like a bowl full of jam,” Grinning all the while, thinking: “yeah, I’m the man!” Struttin like a man walking on the moon, “If ya aint this good, then there’s just no room.”

“I must not keep this physique from the world… With all the sit-ups I’ve done,
and the barbells I’ve curled.” “If Faye Rae saw me now, looking sexy and lean,
She’d be sorry she dumped me and treated me mean

CHORUS “I’ll start with the look of something new, I always looked good in Baby Sky Blue.” “I’ll try a look with something new,” “Wait ill they see me in baby sky blue.”

Now I’m here to say that I’m proud of the king, Havin’ the nerve to run around in a
string. He’s got it all covered, and what could go wrong, Cause he’s King once again in his baby blue thong! (Who would have guessed it was Great Granny Kongs Thong)

CHORUS & SEGUE…. “I’ll start with the look of something new, I always looked
good in Baby Sky Blue.” “I’ll try a look with something new,” “Wait till they
see me in baby sky blue.”


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10 - Dan Pharaoh

For all those who have a blonde moment once in a while or every other moment.

Dan Pharaoh is a 36 year old singer/songwriter from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He just performed at the Guelph Music Competition. While he didn't place, he did release this song which is pretty funny. It is called, "Internally Blonde." Hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/10 - Merry and Pippin

Here's another hit and run. Merry and Pippin came out with this song back in 2006 but the idea of making PETA mad still has it's attributes.

Here's "50 Ways to Piss Off PETA" - a worthwhile pasttime.

Find Merry and Pippin on Soundclick

"The problem is all a lack of lead," I said to she
A stance it is needed for to keep my weaponry
Go eat some kelp or just go huggle up a tree
There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA

I said I really don't consider soy a food
As for fur, a God conserving'd not have made us in the nude
Said I eat meat for health and she briskly came unglued
There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA
Fifty ways to p*ss off PETA

Have sea otter snacks, Max
Bake a Babe ham, Sam
Make a spotted owl pie, Guy
It's very tasty
Dolphin's a must, Gus
There's no need to cuss such!
Serve chopped manatee, Lee
It's calorie free

Oh, skin a few mink, Mick
Club a small seal, Neil
Now don't have a cow, Sal
'Cus it's leatheretty
Harpoon a whale, Dale
You don't need a rare snail trail!
Just buy ivory, Dee
On the black markety

She said it grieves me so to think those quaggas slain
I wish there was something I could do to make dodos live again
I said "Don't appreciate cats, so would you please restrain
away your shifty strays?"

She said Bonsai kitten folks just keep me in a fright
And I'm relieved that with warnings our petitions set them right
Tried to enlist me, and I realized she was some brain cells light
There must be fifty ways to p*ss off PETA
Fifty ways to p*ss off PETA

Sew a guinea pig stole, Joel
Catch a big shark, Clark
Drink a treefrog milkshake, Jake
Let Ted Nugent be
Oh you shop for fur muffs, Duff
Those chinchillas don't cost much
It's her annivers'ry, see
It's very styley

Eat condor eggs fried, Clyde
Make a roo rug, Doug
You catch lots of rare fish, Trish
Set none of them free
Stun a raccoon, June
Well all under a full moon
Fur's very pricey, see
But nice and cuddly......


Monday, January 18, 2010

1/18/10 - Charles Tyler

A couple of things today.

1. Happy birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks for standing up for peace in the face of violence and living the beatitude, 'blessed are the peacemakers.'

2. This is song post 100. As a special treat, I'm going to post a song as the song of the day.

So, today's song of the day is about one of my biggest vices too - spending money when it is in my pocket (or sometimes when it is in my bank account.) Sometimes it's like water flowing through a colander.

Charles Tyler, a 60 year old singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia, tells about his struggles from birth to his future visit with St. Peter in this song, "Hole in my Pocket". And no, Lyza never makes an appearance. Enjoy.

Find Charles Tyler on his soundclick.

When I was just a little boy my daddy gave me pocket money
Tried to teach me how to save it for those rainy days
But it wasn't very long till the truth began to dawn
That money and me were going separate ways

I'd go out in the morning with a pocketful of dollars
And come home in the evening with nothing at all
When daddy got angry I said "Daddy don't shout
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!"

Hole in my pocket - won't somebody tell me where the money goes
Hole in my pocket - I keep on asking but nobody knows

At the age of twenty-one I was spending on seduction
Pretending to be rich I landed a spouse
So of course there was divorce and financial destruction
I got the legal bills and she got the house

I was so depressed I went to talk to my accountant
To see what he could do to get me back in the black
He looked at me and sighed and said "I can't break your drought
You've got a hole in your pocket where the money runs out!"

Show me the money - I'll show you how to make it disappear
Give me a million - in no time at all there'll be nothing there!

They say it's harder for a rich man to find the way to heaven
So I guess it should be easier for someone like me
But I've got a bad feeling when I reach the pearly gates
St Peter will be standing there denying me the key

He'll say "What did you do with all that money that we gave you?
We need an explanation why you ended up broke"
I'll say "Peter, please give me the benefit of the doubt
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!"

Hole in my pocket - won't somebody tell me where the money goes
Hole in my pocket - I keep on asking but nobody knows - nobody knows

I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/10 - Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young covering General Larry Platt

That's a title that probably won't ever be repeated on this blog.

With all of the hoopla about General Larry Platt's rendition of "Pants on the Ground" sung at the Atlanta tryouts of American Idol, I was looking at different versions of the song. There have been many remixes, some quite good, some blah. This one is different though. Jimmy Fallon, on his late night show, impersonates Neil Young and sings "Pants on the Ground".

Now General Larry Platt was known in Atlanta well before "Pants on the Ground." He was a civil rights worker, working with Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a huge community activist. On September 4, 2001, Atlanta declared, "Larry Platt" day. He has done a lot of things worth noting in his life, the least of which is his American Idol appearance, but that appearance has let people find out more about his worthy life. Hopefully, though, this will get young kids to pull their pants off the ground.

So here's Larry Platt Neil Young Jimmy Fallon singing Pants on the Ground:

Jimmy is pretty talented.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/16/10 - Phil Alexander

As someone who grew up playing Atari, 8-bit Nintendo and the Game Boy big enough to mask as an algebra book, sometimes it amazes me still to watch a 7 year old kid play a modern game on his DS with the grace and skill of a trained assassin dancing Swan Lake. Of course, if I had no video game past, I probably wouldn't care but the character in Phil Alexander's song does.

Phil Alexander is a mainstay at the AmIRight parody network. A 43 year old from the U.K., Phil has over 900 parodies written on AmIRight. This one is called, "The Gamer", a parody of Kenny Roger's "The Gambler".

Don't laugh at the old guy playing game boy! Enjoy.

You can find Phil Alexander on Soundclick and on his AmIRight profile.

On a warm summer's evening
On a train bound for nowhere
I came across a gamer
Playing his GameBoy Advance
I couldn't help a-staring
O'er his shoulder at him playing
Though many hours were passing
I still stood there in a trance

He said "Pop, I've made a life
Out o' winning competitions
An' I can out-play anyone
At Super-Mar-ee-o
So, if you're really into playing
Then lose the inhibitions, and
I feel like a laugh, and so
I'll let you have a go"

So he handed me the gadget
And I started on his level
Straight off I missed the platform
And very quickly died
It was not at all impressive
I could tell by his expression
He said, if you're gonna play the GameBoy
You got to learn to play it right

You got to know when to jump 'em
Know when to thump 'em
Know when to run away
Know when to duck
You never watch your scorin'
'Cause it's most unfashionable
But you'll make that high score table
With a little bit of luck

To cut the story short
I kept falling and dying
It didn't stop me trying
But it still did no damn good
I headbutted the bullets
And tripped traps like a cretin
And I wouldn't mind a-bettin'
That wee bastard knew I would

You see, my total lack of talent
Amused the little blighter
And as he giggled, well, I felt
The anger rise in me
Ah.. this patronizing pipsqueak
He's a gamer - I'm a fighter
So I made that bloody GameBoy
An Advanced supposit'ry

You've got to know when to boot 'em
Know when to shoot 'em
Know what's a power-up
Know what's a trap
Though it's kind of funny
Watchin' someone who's unable
Don't laugh: if he's unstable
You might end up in the crap

You got to know how it's done, too
Know where to run to
Know when to hit the deck,
Know when to miss
You never laugh or giggle
When you're watching someone playing
And if you're hearing what I'm saying
You ain't gonna take the piss

You got to know when to jump 'em
Know when to thump 'em
Know when to run away
Know when to duck
You never watch your scorin'
'Cause it's most unfashionable
But you'll make that high score table
With a little bit of luck


Friday, January 15, 2010

1-15-10 - Robinsong

Here is a song for all of us who can stand to lose a pound or two. Or tens in my case. Don't push it.

Robinsong is 54 year old Rick from Memphis, Tennessee who enjoys parodying The Beatles apparently. Here is how Rick describes his history:

I started out writing parodies of show tunes to amuse my family. Over time it led to a broadcasting career that would include producing musical comedy for national radio shows. Though serious songwriting is my primary hobby, I also create parodies to celebrate my longstanding friendship with another songwriter/producer, RZ.

Check out Robinsong on his Soundclick page.

When we were young and in health, with a youthful look
We used to stay thinner than thin
(you know we did)
But now this ever-changing girth around my middle
Take a little more size
So give me less fries
(give him less fries).

If I look fatter to you
'Cause I've had to much to chew
I've got to wear it well
Put on a jacket so no one can tell!

We used to stay thinner than thin
(you know we did)
But now I hate to waste good food that's on the table
And the scale never lies
So give me less fries
(give him less fries).


Thursday, January 14, 2010

1/14/10 - Jim Rotondo

Another song celebrating the flu. I am planning on going back to work today though.

Jim Rotondo is what is called a manualist, better known as a hand farter. Check out the wikipedia page for Manualism to get a list of some nationally exposed manualist. Of course, the one missing from this list is the one probably best known by the Dementia community, 'Musical Mike' Kieffer, from his work with Weird Al on songs like Headline News and I Love Rocky Road.

Here, Jim "Jimi Handtrix" Rotondo is doing a parody of Elvis' song, "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" called, "I Can't Help Calling in Sick With the Flu." It's an interesting video. Enjoy:

You can find more about Jim Rotondo at his Youtube, his webpage, and his AmIRight List with links to a lot of his other works and parodies that he has penned.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday CNR!

Happy Birthday Charles Nelson Reilly!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Today, and today only can you make the personalized version over at Here's the link (It still cost $4.99 to download but it is cool to see it :) ) Here's the link:
CNR Video


1/13/10 - Moneyshot Cosmonauts

I had to come home from work early yesterday because I was getting sick. Well, by the time I got home, I was burning up and could hardly move. I some sleep didn't help as I was burning up more. Finally, took some Tylenol and it seemed to break. But it was hot. I hate being sick.

In comes the Moneyshot Cosmonauts. This song is a parody of the Black Eye Peas,"I've got a Feeling" called, "I've Got a Fever." Of course wrote it and so it is full of witty lyrics. Enjoy this more than I do the fever.

I gotta fever
And it might be a case of swine flu
And it might be a case of bird flu
And it might be a case of bat poop flu

Fever (Flu-u!)
And it might be I'm sick from rat fleas
And it might be I'm sick from worm cheese
And it might be I'm sick of the Black Eyed Peas

My head's dead weight!
My stomach churns!
My schnoz is shrapnel!
My sphincter burns!
I'm Patient Zero!
The index case!
I'm Typhoid Mary!
So suck my face!

Give me the maximum dose
Of that Dristan and Zicam
You shove up your nose
I drink Vicks in the two-liter pack
I hear DayQuil and NyQuil
Are just as safe as crack

Is this Black Death? (Plague!)
Whooping cough?
Oops I just sharted (Oops-a-daisy)
Please hose me off!
My petri dishes
Are Fergalicious
I blew my biscuits
And now I'll do it again

I blew up
I threw up
I blew up (I threw up)
I knew it
I'd do it (Blew it)
And here it comes
So screw it (Do it)
I'll do it (Get to it)
I'll spew it, spew it, spew it (And strew it)
Swim through it (Beef stew it)
Swim through it (Don't view it)
YouTube it

'Cause I gotta fever (Flu-u!)
And it might be a case of dog flu
And it might be a case of cow flu
And it might be a case of cat scratch flu

Look what I've got! (Got got got got)
Rancid drool
Flaming stool
Buckets of snot! (Snot snot snot snot)
Chicken pox
Monkey pox
Fox in Socks pox! (Pox pox pox pox)
Good thing I
Paid for my
Full set of shots! (Shots shots shots shots)

Deer flu, steer flu
Sheep flu and shank flu
Mink flu, skink flu
Skunk flu and skank flu

Got got got no more sick days
But I need my pay (Hey)
So I'll work today
(Wa-wa-wa-) Watch out where I spray

I gotta fever (Flu-u!)
And it might be a case of swine flu
And it might be a case of bird flu
And it might be a case of poo spew flu



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/12/10 - Max DeGroot

Max DeGroot has turned into one of my favorite artists as of late. He came out with a silly little ditty yesterday called, "The Coffee Song." Short, funny and simple.

Find Max DeGroot on Soundclick, his webpage on the 61 somewhere, the Mad Music Archive, in the Dementia Radio chatroom, and some other places.

Here's "The Coffee Song":

Coffee doesn't affect me
It doesn't even keep me up
And just to prove what I'm saying
I think I'll have another cup


Monday, January 11, 2010

1/11/10 - The AmIRight All-Stars

The AmIRight All-Stars is a group of AmIRight parody writers working together to get some of their stuff performed. In this incarnation of the group, it is Below Average Dave singing and Matthias as the writer. Both are really good guys. I've featured BA Dave a couple times before on this blog (See #5 song of 2009), while Matthias is a mainstay at the AmIRight parody network. (

This is a parody of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". This song is called, "She Loves Meat". And yes, there is a slight (ok, maybe not slight) connotation throughout. Enjoy.

(Chef spoken)
"Welcome to Che' Carnivore'
It is sure worth the price
To taste my treasures
But for you, it's free tonight
So now Grab my tenderloins
No need for silverware
As the slaughter house proudly presents
Your dinner"

(Chef sung)


She Loves Meat

It's my ladies favorite treat
From Pastrami to Salami
Thinks that meat cannot be beat

Bacon Links
Spam From Jars
She's the brand new Hamburglar

Get things beef stuffed
Clams or fishes
It's so tasty
She'll lick dishes

Chicken Wings
Sweet Romance
Made her taste buds
Conga Dance

Suck and savor, dear
Don't have to be discreet

My sausage passed her taste test
It's the food she loves best

She Loves Meat!
Loves My Meat!
She Loves Meat!!!!

Roast beef stew
Sirloin Steak
Crab, and Flounder* she'll partake

Love to share, I'll serve it rare
Unless chicken then it's baked

Off the bone
Or prepared
Massive meat will leave you chaired

Ham is yummy
Pork's sustaining
But my tube steak's always reigning

Broiled, Smoked
Cooked on spits
Take it out or she'll throw fits

Cause my meat's her favorite taste
It gets her wet
You splashed the gravy, lass
That doesn't go on bass

Yeah, She loves meat
Want to eat?
Butcher shop is quite elite

She Loves Meat!
She Loves Meat!!!
She Loves Meat!!!!!!

Once A Vegetarian
Meat was ate by big barbarians
Salad bowls, and fresh baked rolls
She fed upon

Ah, those horrid plates of plants weren't useful
Lettuce leafs are like I grazed my lawn

For beef she's been lusting
Still thinks Haggis is disgusting
Meat goes straight to thighs
She likes it for the thrills

The past I just bummed around the kitchen
My grub she's adorin'
But got nothing on George Forman


I Love Meat!
Love His Meat!!!
It just makes my day complete!!!

Dinner whore, I'll take on four
That's in servings that I'll eat

For Desert
Mince meat pie
Rushed, I'll eat it on the fly

When it's tough
Then I start chewing
It's not troubling
He's still wooing

Like it warm
Not too hot
Cayenne steaks
That hits "the spot"

Clean it up!
Don't leave your restaurant a mess

Still got a lot to chew
I'm not too full For you
I Like Your Treat
(Still Eat Meat!!!)
Huge Receipt
(Still Eat Meat!!!)

(Butcher Shop)

We Love Meat!!!
Love Your Meat!!!

Dripping sauce from face to feet
We get leers, from boss at Mutton World, fears
Her job's complete

Joyous squeals
On our knees

Do not beg, I aim to please

While my hunger keeps on growing
Satisfy you
I'm not slowing

Course by course
Ton by Ton

Till I'm out
"Then meat won't come!!!"
Once our fling is done you'll sleep
Rinse and repeat

Tonight I'll leave my gut out
Seafood day, You'll cut trout

I Love Meat!!!!

Loves My Meat!!!

I Love Meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Butcher Shop)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/10/10 - Mystery Meat

I've never been a real big fan of metal, speed metal or especially death metal. Now if you follow Kobi LaCroix on Twitter, he posted a link to his brother singing, "I'm A Little Tea Pot" in death metal voice on youtube, but that's about the extent.
I guess I don't think comedy music would work very well with the growl and unintelligible lyrics of most metal music. Comedy music depends on the words more than most other genres because if you can't understand it, how are you going to laugh with it?
That being said, Mystery Meat has a pretty good blend of metal music with words you can understand. For a metal purist, this would probably be bad since there is no metal growl. For a comedy listener, though, it helps get to the message of the song and find some comedy there.
This song is called, "I'll Be Park Ranger In The Forest of Your Heart." It took me a couple of listens to get it but I like the nonsense of it. Have a listen:

This would be easier if they included lyrics.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

1/9/10 - Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone is a political songwriter for the most part. She is described as "Satiric topical songwriter, Boomer Babe & cabaret host" when she performs in the New York area. She does have some general comedy work also. This song is one of them. It is called, "My Husband's Hair." Originally written in 2000 and released in 2002, it is the story of how a wife really feels about her husband going bald.

As I am going bald myself, in time, I found this song quite becoming. Sure, I shave my head to decrease the effect of my balding area (plus it's easier to comb that way) and sure my grandpa is bald like a cue ball but looks like a gorilla everywhere else, but I like this song's explanation.

So here's Rachel Stone with "My Husband's Hair":

Find Rachel Stone on her Soundclick or on her official webpage

Let me tell you about my husband's hair
Back in Woodstock it was down to there
But as grandpa's head presaged
It would fall out as he aged
It was destined he would lose his hair

Grandpa's shiny scalp did tell
Here's your future, mark it well
It is destined you will lose your hair

So when his hair started getting thin
He combed the sides up where the top had been
He bought every spray and lotion
Fell for every pill and potion
No, he wasn't ready to give in

He was clinging to the notion
He would find a magic potion
That would put the fallen hair back in.

Oh, nothing's working for me, he'd complain
I just got peach fuzz from Rogaine
Hair implants grow in funny
Besides, they're too much money
And scalp reduction's too much pain.

He came to the deduction
To scrap the scalp reduction
And hair implants don't look the same

And then, as though someone had died
My sweetie sat right down and cried
It was time to set him straight:
You think bald men don't rate
You're wrong, and let me tell you why

Your baldness you should proudly own
It shows you've got testosterone
And I'm so glad I have ya
Cause you don't need Viagra
Skip the hair, I'll take the bone

I'm sure to get my jollies
When you look like Telly Sevales
Skip the hair, I'll take the bone.


Friday, January 8, 2010

1/8/10 SharkTeal Girl

Well, I'm not really a Hockey fan. I've watched a few games and it is exciting but I really don't want to divide even more of my sports attention from football, baseball and basketball. It makes a full year already. But I do see why people like it. Except for the cold part. Brrr.

SharkTeal Girl is a San Jose Shark fan. In fact, her own description goes as follows: "I'm a huge San Jose Sharks fan." That's it. I guess it's safe to say that 38 year old Emily Hall from Berkeley, California is a Sharks fan. Well, this song was written by her in response to the Sharks losing in game 6 to the Dallas Stars in last year's playoffs, sending them home to watch the finals. It is a parody of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" called, "Wake Me Up When Hockey Begins." Now that we are half-way into the 2009-2010 Hockey season, let's see if she is awake and happy this year... With the second most points in the NHL right now, I'd say SharkTeal Girl is skating high right now.

So here's SharkTeal Girl with "Wake Me Up When Hockey Begins":

The season has gone so fast.
Expectations rise then pass.
Wake me up when September ends.

Like the playoffs of before,
a couple rounds and out the door.
Wake me up when September ends.

Here comes that pain again,
this time from the Stars.
Entrenched in R shame again.
This is who we are.

Highlight moments fade to black,
but we never forget what we felt.
Wake me up when September ends.

(music break)

Summer has come too fast.
Who and what will be recast?
Wake me up when September ends.

Wring out the coach again,
and enter ex-Wings McLellan.
Wake me up when September ends.

We pray for some clarity
a new system can bring.
If they play in solidarity,
the Sharks can be the real thing!

As new members settle in,
the "special teams" work must begin.
Wake me up when September ends.

(long music break)

The new season will start again.
Expectations high again.
Wake me up when September ends.

Like the seasons of before,
we want Stanley even more!
Wake me up when September ends.

Wake me up when September ends.
Wake me up when Hockey begins.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/7/10 - Redneck MBA

We're a week into the new year already. Time flies when you are crawling along :)

Today's song is by Redneck MBA. Redneck MBA is 52 year old Steve from Arkansas. He describes himself as, "A SELF-PROCLAIMED AVERAGE DUDE, WHO JUST LOVES TO HAVE FUN SINGING!" He also likes Caps lock. Today he is singing, "Somebody, Somewhere Needs This Tonight" about an old man souped up on Viagra but with nowhere to share his... acquisition.

You can find Redneck MBA at his Soundclick


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/6/10 - Sharm

While I have never played it, I have seen it and played the predecessors, which I did enjoy. I would probably enjoy this one too if I could, but I got into City of Heroes instead and then got out of it and now don't play any MMO's. Oh well.

What am I talking about? Well, if you know Sharm, you know that she sings about about World of Warcraft. This song is a parody of one of the most parodied songs of last year, "I Kissed a Girl." In fact, my #5 song of last year, "I Verbed a Noun" by BA Dave commented on how many songs were made in parody of Katy Perry. Well, here's another one.

Sharm sings about her romantic involvement with the ugly residence of Warcraft, "I Kissed an Orc." Hopefully, he brushed.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5/10 - 1just4fun

Christmas day, my wife and I went out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Well, having been awake the previous day until 3 am fixing Christmas bikes and then up at 7 or so, I was pretty tired, so I took some really expensive naps in between watching the movie (tickets are $11 each out here for the good theater.) Overall, I thought it was good but I slept through quite a few minutes, meaning I may have missed some of the plot/good parts/things that made it make sense.

Luckily for me, 1just4fun releases this song to help me catch up on what I missed. This song is called, "Elementary" and is about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. 1just4fun is 58 year old Rob K from Willmar, Minnesota. He has several groups/names he goes by, apparently one per genre of music he performs. Check him out on Soundclick


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson went out camping one fine day.
Into the Blue Ridge Mountains yea they hiked a long long way.
They set up camp, cooked some grub and gobbled down their fill,
Then laid back for some shut-eye in the evening dark and still.

Now some time later Holmes awoke and opened up his eyes,
Saw stars in countless thousands stretched across the open skies.
He woke his “pard” Said “take a look! Now what can you devine?
Thinks Doc, “Don’t matter what I say here comes that stupid line.

Element'ry, My dear Watson
Element'ry, give it a shot son
Element'ry I don’t know why you can’t see
Cause its Element'ry my dear Watson! Element'ry!

He’ll say I’m wrong, I know he will but anyway here goes.
Now Holmes, this mess of stars means lots of planets, I suppose.
They show tomorrow will be dry; I guess that we’re in luck.
And our horoscope points to love and wealth if you put stock in that truck.

They point out God is very great and we are just a speck.
And if they say even one thing more, it’s news to me, by heck.
‘Course, I know what you’re thinkin', Holmes, I see it in your eye.
I know you’re dying to say it, so come on and let her fly.

Element'ry, My dear Watson
Element'ry, give it a shot son
Element'ry I don’t know why you can’t see
Cause its Element'ry my dear Watson! Element'ry!

Then Holmes replied, You’ve missed the elementary thing old chum,
Which leads me to DEDUCE that you’re seven kinds of dumb,
Else how could you have failed to see, someone has swiped our tent!
And that is why like times gone by I simply must lament.

Element'ry, My dear Watson
Element'ry, give it a shot son
Element'ry I don’t know why you can’t see
Cause its Element'ry my dear Watson! Element'ry! (repeat)

Element'ry my dear Watson
You give it your best shot son,
But you didn’t do so hot son,
Fact you missed it by a lot son.
Elementary my dear Watson, Element'ry!


Monday, January 4, 2010

1/4/10 - MC SE7EN

Sorry for the shortness of this. I gotta get some kids ready for school.

Today's song is by MC SE7EN. It's called, "Do The Penguin Waddle."

You can find MC SE7EN on Soundclick or on his webpage.

Now do the Penguin Waddle now do the penguin walk
now do the penguin waddle now get it on
now do the penguin waddle now the do the penguin walk
now do the penguin let me see you get it on like

step one take ya hands put em like they wings
then you lean to the front now do that penguin thing
now put your arms up to your back with your palms down
now waddle all around like you's a penguin now

you know how to do it like your favorite arctic friend
now you do it to the front and you do it once again
then you lean to the back and you lean to the front
and you put your arms up and you do it like what

you gotta do the penguin waddle now you gotta do it mayne
just like your favorite arctic friend
now let me see you do the penguin waddle one time
the do it once more alright alright

the arctic birds know how to do the sick moves
and they got the ill steps so you gotta do it too
so put your arms back and you lean on your gut
then flap your wings on your side like oh

Now do the penguin waddle now do the penguin waddle yall
now do the penguin waddle let me see you do your penguin walk
let me see you penguin waddle let me see you do it
now everybody get it on lets move

Now get your penguin dance on like you're Happy Feet
then get your penguin on like a linux machine
theres only one move that would make this complete
if you step to the right and you penguin lean!

yes thats correct get your penguin moves on
you know that they are totally the bomb
the penguins know how to do the sick ish
now everybody do it kinda like this

everybody do it now let me see you move it
now everybody get your penguins on lets do it
now everybody go now everybody rock
now everybody the penguin while the beat drops

now everybody stop now nobody move
now everybody here knows exactly what to do
now put your penguin wings out lean to the front
and lets do the penguin one more time what

now let me see your penguin waddle let me see it let me see it
now let me see your penguin waddle let me see it let me see it
now let me see your penguin waddle yall know how to do it
now do the penguin waddle do the penguin waddle yall like

its the sickest move in the clubs today
unlike soulja boy which everybody loves to hate
the penguin move is sick and everybody loves it
you get up in the clubs and everybody does it

everybodys crunk when the penguin waddle
its the move that everybody knows is just so awesome
you dont have to have skills to do the penguin dance
all you gotta do is move around and flap ya hands

if you havent done the move then you need to do it now
cuz everybody needs to do it some way and somehow
everybodys gotta do it once in their life
so this is your chance do it right now alright


Sunday, January 3, 2010

1/3/10 - Insert Coin(s) To Continue

An older song but I've been jonesing to go lately, so I chose this song for today's song.

Insert Coin(s) to Continue is an artist named Ryan, a 19 year old from Seattle, Washington. His influences are listed as Ruben and the Novelty Shack and Jace from Nuclear Bubble Wrap. I do find that interesting for some reasons, but I'll digress.

This song is called, "Let's Go To Target", a parody of the Black Eyed Peas of "Let's Get It Started." Yeah, it's a couple years old, but I've really wanted to go check out Target lately for the after-Christmas clearance on toys and to look for a copy of Cars cheap since my copy has a crack and I'm jonesing for my comfort movie.

Anyway, here's Insert Coin(s) to Continue with "Let's Go To Target":


Saturday, January 2, 2010

1/2/10 - McKludge

It is weird typing 10 at the end. I'll get use to it.

There are news articles that come out occasionally about Jesus being spotted in a water stain on a house or Mary being on a grilled cheese sandwich. McKludge takes this phenomena a step further, claiming he sees deities in everything he makes.

McKludge is 40 year old James McClure from Orlando, Florida. He doesn't work at Disneyland. He is a parodist on the AmIRight parody network with 52 pieces under his belt.

This song is called, "Yum, Deities" and is a parody of "Under the Sea" from 'The Little Mermaid.' It made me chuckle.

McKludge can be found on Soundclick and on the The AmIRight Parody Network.

Some folks see the face of Jesus
In their morning pancake stack
Madonna in their grilled cheeses
Or Allah in midnight snacks
They speculate their creator
Is reaching out from beyond
But me? When I make my supper
I see entire pantheons

Yum, Deities!
Yum, Deities!
Image of Loki
Here in my gnocchi
How can this be?
The chariot of Apollo
Shimmering in my lime Jello
There’s Izanami
In the salami
Yum, Deities!

At night when the fridge I’m Raiden
To see if the fruit’s still fresh
Diana, that huntress maiden
Is in the babaGanesh
It never got on Minerva
To see all the things I saw
Like Set in the plate I’m served of
Those veg’tables in the Ra

Yum, Deities!
Yum, Deities!
Sweet Aphrodite
Dressed in a nightie
In my Wheaties
Visions of Indra and Kali
Formed by the cream in my coffee
The Holy Ghost is
In my Post Toasties
Yum, Deities! (Yum, Deities!)
Yum, Deities! (Yum, Deities!)
On the wine bottle
And in the cheese
Mohammed’s pate in my pâté
Jehovah’s face in my Yah-whey
Is that Poseidon
In my boiled onions
Yum, Deities!

There’s Thoth in the broth
And Zeus in the mousse
Anu in the stew
Poured on my couscous
There’s Ki in the brie
And Tyr in the beer
And Frey-filled filets of sole
There’s Thor in the smores
And Pan in the bran
Both Lugh and Guan-Yu
In tuna fish cans
In choc’late fondue
Ukko’s in the fish roe!

(Musical interlude while I re-read Bulfinch’s Mythology)

Yum, Deities!
Yum, Deities!
When Nike’s seen
In the collard greens
I feel quite at ease
All of the many forms of God
Can be located in the baked cod
Now I see Ares
In the raspberries
Yum, Deities!
This hunk of Gouda
Sure look like Buddha
Yum, Deities!
My Belgian waffle
And my falafel’s
Shaped like Demeter
(I guess I’ll eat her)
Lastly, Fridge Penguin’s
In my fried chicken
Yum, Deities!



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