Friday, May 21, 2010

5/22/2010 - Devo Spice

I am going to be away from a computer on Saturday, so the song of the day gets posted a few hours early.  Since Friday was the 30th anniversary of Pac Man, complete with really cool Google homepage with working Pac Man game, I figured we needed a Pac Man song.  So this is the 2007 release of Sudden Death's "Pac-Man" featuring ShoEboX, a parody of "Smack That" by Akon and Eminem.  It is still my favorite Pac Man song out there, although "Pac-Man is Naked and So Should You" is pretty good too.

So here's Devo Spice with ShoEboX with "Pac-Man".  Enjoy:

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8-bit, up front
Processor, Z-80
224 x 288 displaydy
Up at dawn, see the girl that I stayed with
Joystick callin' me, begging to be played with
Jump up, and then I make a run for
Find the nearest arcade, bust through the front door
I hear it, gotta track down
Ooh I see it, in the back now
I obey its insert coin orders
Money no problem, pocket full of quarters
I hear it beeping, I can see it in the corner
Wanna caress the yellow decals that adorn her
Maybe I'll take it home and hide it near my porno
And possibly play it naked, stand back I'm playing

Pac-Man, I'll play some more
Pac-Man, my arm is sore
Pac-Man, drool on the floor
Pac-Man, oooohhh
Pac-Man, I play for days
Pac-Man, I cleared the maze
Pac-Man, the practice pays
Pac-Man, (death sound)

Ooh, looks like another dumb sequel, they'll never
Equal the classic Pac-Man game
Baby Pac, Super Pac, what's next, Grandma and
Grandpa Pac-Man, man that's lame
Ghosts chase him all through the light blue walls
Eat a power pellet now they got blue balls
Wondering how he even moves at all
Or how much he can eat before nature calls
Cleared that stage didn't think I could do it
Gonna try the next one, nothing to it
Inky and Blinky got me on the run
And Pinky, ("NARF!"), no the other one
But there's a door to the right and I sneak away
Come back on the left now I'm on my way
It defies the laws of physics but I can't complain
Because I live to play again another day, Pac-Man!
I play each day so that my game will keep improving
Some day I'll figure out just how the ghosts are moving
Can't wait to see the big budget live action movie
With Richard Simmons as Pinky, and Patrick Stewart as
Pac-Man, I played till 4:00
Pac-Man, got the high score
Pac-Man, my wife is sore
Pac-Man, "Get your ass back home right now!"
Pac-Man, I see that blob
Pac-Man, my nipples throb
Pac-Man, I lost my job
Pac-Man, "You're fired!"

Games today, they got high def graphics
Real time 3D, looking fantastic
Accurate physics, rumble controllers
Sex and violence and still these games all
Suck! Seriously, what the f...heck?!
They play just like a train wreck
They can't compete with this yellow circle

I play it every time I'm hanging out at the mall
It's on my cell phone so I play whenever I call
Maybe I'll have the ROM implanted in my eyeball
So that I'm always playing, 'cause damn I love that
Pac-Man, big yellow head
Pac-Man, no blood is shed
Pac-Man, no hookers dead
Pac-Man, ooooohhh
Pac-Man, can't play no more
Pac-Man, they locked the door
Pac-Man, "You're mom's a whore!"
Pac-Man, "Let me in, damn it! I have to play! *sob* Pac-Man! PAAAAC-MAAAAANNNNN!! *bwa-ha-ha!*

"Dammit, where's my megaphone?"
"Dude, you're totally obsessed"
"Oh, bite me."


5/21/2010 - Daniel Iorio

Daniel Iorio is a songwriter from Montreal. With the hockey playoffs now featuring the Montreal Canadians and the Philadelphia Flyers, I guess some bad blood is starting to brew. Hearing that it is Philadelphia, that little surprise. After all, they booed Santa Clause. One fan purposely threw up on an off-duty police officer and his daughter at a Phillies game.
Well, apparently Pat Hickey, a sports writer who follows the Montreal Canadians, was parked outside of the hockey game in Philadelphia when someone vandalized his car, ripped off the rubber from the front bumper, and stole his license plate. Having to drive back to Montreal that night, he did get stopped twice by the police but they let him go because they heard about the incident on the news. Well, the guy who vandalized the car was brilliant. He went and posted the stolen license plate picture on Facebook bragging how he vandalized some poor Montreal fan's car. He is now denying it was him since the police have become involved, but I see a segment here for News of the Stupid.
Daniel Iorio does a parody of "Streets of Philadelphia" called, "Cheese of Philadelphia." Enjoy:


Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/20/2010 - Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is a comedian who does parody songs from time to time. If you have a chance to check out his youtube channel because there are many funny songs there. This is his newest one, a parody of "Dust in the Wind."
As I told my wife yesterday, fart humor is always funny. So this is "A Whiff of Kansas" by Tim Hawkins. Enjoy:


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/19/2010 - Brent Jowers

Ugly jokes can be funny. As long as they aren't too serious or against the ugly kid at school. Making fun of ugly kids is no fun. But this song is pretty good -- not too serious, not directed at a kid, so it's acceptable.
Brent Jowers is a 33 year old from Hianes City, Florida and has had some of his songs played on local radio stations in Jacksonville, Tampa and St. Louis -- where St. Louis came from, beats me.
This song is called, "Fuglyville" and is a parody of "Chain Hang Low". Hope you enjoy it.

This song is called Fuglyville. It's for all the people looking like they were a saber necked marsh badger in a previous life, but didn't complete the metamorphosis

You look like a scarecrow mated with a buffalo
Please don't stand near the light, or your fuglyness will glow
It looks like your shoulders threw up ugly casserole
Ooh your face is gross
Is that your face?

Catfish would even think that it is a disgrace
It hurts my eyes just like I sprayed my face with mace
Plus it could be a stunt double for your ace
Is that your face(repeat)

It's true that you are ugly
Head butt a moving truck, you would look more studly
And you are not Luke, and I am not your father
But you need Vader's mask, cause you look like Chewbacca
Face fubared like you bobbed for hot grits
And you need to get a grip on them chapped lips
Cause they're all cracked up, dry rotted and they're split
Get them right, treat them nice, and go get some Chap Stick
Man it seems that your lips are straight beat
They're all cracked up, just like some old concrete
So chapped and white, looking at them seems
Just like they are a stack of powdered Krispy Kremes


Verse 2
It's true that you are hoagly
You made a pit bull ball up like a rolly polly
Your mom puts your pictures in a tinted frame kid
They make you wear a ski mask when you're in the bank kid
You're looking scary to me
Plus your eyes are bugged out like a ferret on speed
And your skin I mean please
It's greasy and oily as truck stop grilled cheese
Your toofs are looking crude
Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, like a Rubik's Cube
And you need to buy cream
Cause your face is bumpy like Braille Chinese writing
Got a unibrow, Schick Tracer's what you're needing
Looks like a chipmunk is on your forehead sleeping
Call you bongo, looks like your face done took a beating
Every time you knock on someone's door, they think you're trick or treating

You know how they say ugly's a relative term
Well that's appropriate...
Because your relatives..
They're looking pretty beat down too.
Why don't you go burrow in the muck somewhere...
You're scaring the children...and the bunny rabbits...
That's just not right no matter how you cut it...
Now get out of public before an aardvark files a restraining order on you


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/18/2010 - Jeff Reuben

Well, this was late. Sorry, I woke up late. So I had to do it after work, which means that I get to look for stuff that came out during the day, including this song. This is Jeff Reuben's new song: "Carry-On". Love airport humor, especially since I'll be flying in a couple of weeks. Must pack the razor in my non-carry-on unless I want to be Grizzly Adams with a beard.

Here's Jeff Reuben with "Carry-On"

Airport: I'm taking no crap
Flip off attendants outside at the sky cap
Not gonna check luggage, for my trip to Italy
They'd end up in Sudan, or in the Bering Sea

Got my bag, headed through security
It's a good thing I got here six hours early
So with a huff, put my stuff through the x-ray
Then the guard told me what he would take a-way

Took my knives, sheers, beers, wine, ski poles, naughty toys
And my pet rat, sword, bat
Won't fly with the TSA boys

Let me find my license, baby, while I wait in line
Check the boarding pass to see the seat I've been assigned
Just want to get on to the airplane
But they told me of a fee that I did not pay

Check it

Thought I'd save a little money with my
Did not pack a bulky suitcase just a
Used my gross, old gym bag for my
Should have washed my bag before I
Brought it on

Why the hell they gonna charge me for my
It took time to stuff my whole life in this
I asked why, they didn't want to
Hear it boy
So I paid, they told me "That's the
'Spirit'" boy

Anyone, else think it's kind of strange
That the in-flight movie is Snakes On A Plane
Now of course you know I see the 'Fasten Seatbelt' sign
You see I hope that you can help me out with mine

Baby there's no need for you to be rude
Please just answer don't give me no altitude
Getting hungry, can you feed me
And can you bring a pillow and blankee?

I want nuts, chips, drinks, shots and sky mag
And if I get airsick
I'd like to buy a vomit bag

When the stewardess comes, Imma make my move
Cause I think she's hot and she likes to groove
And now she's giving me the eye I think she's into me
But to join Club Mile High, she will charge a fee


Must be policy to charge me for my
Wish I'd shut up but I think I'm gonna
Shouldn't pack, my razor in my
Shouldn't pack, no lasers in my

Still I can't believe they charged me for my
They have height and weight restrictions on my
Shouldn't pack, no ice cream in my
Cause they won't, help me clean out my

"What's your name?
Where's your passport?
Did someone ask
You to take stuff for them?"

Open flame
A six-pack of beer
I know it's lame
You can't take that on here

Your luggage may (What's your name?)
Have shifted (Pull my finger)
Please be careful (Please don't stuff me)
When you unload it (In the overhead bin)

Seats upright (Approaching)
In locked position (Our final descent)
Put up your trays (We're glad you flew)
In good condition (With us, please come again)

Thought I'd save a little money with my
Did not pack a bulky suitcase just a
Used my gross, old gym bag for my
Should have washed my bag before I
Brought it on

Why the hell they gonna charge me for my
It took time to stuff my whole life in this
I asked why, they didn't want to
Hear it
So I paid, they told me "That's the

Please don't kick me off!


Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/2010 - Tom Smith

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the death of one of my favorite people ever, Jim Henson. Anyone who has ever picked up a puppet, who has ever performed in front of an audience, has something to thank Jim Henson for. He elevated the art of puppetry beyond anything it had ever seen before and gave the world the puppet icon to this day. The Muppets lost their way for years after the death of Jim Henson and I think they are barely starting to get back on track 20 years later. His creativity, his dreams, his rainbow chasing is too hard to replace and only be hoped to be imitated. I saw a speech by Frank Oz from Jim's memorial service that said that Jim Henson was a great appreciator, one who can stand back and see the good even in the mistakes and appreciate it. Frank said that the pose he remembers Jim in is not with the puppet on his hand but with his arms crossed, watching a TV and smiling at the work being done, appreciating it. I think that's inspirational, to appreciate what is there as another moment to laugh, love and live.
This song isn't funny. You may want to grab some tissue. It is "A Boy and His Frog" by Tom Smith. Thank you Jim for the fond memories that still guide me to chase the rainbows, move right along through good news and bad news, and see the world through the eyes of puppets.
"A Boy and His Frog":

Life is unfair, so they tell me,
Because they think I wouldn't know.
They only can see a cheap gimmick
On their children's favorite show.

They say, "Oh, that's just foam and a wire,
Attached to a green velvet sleeve,
Anyone can do that" -- well, that's true, I suppose,
But who else could make them believe?

What can I say without you there to guide me?
How else am I supposed to give?
How can I sing without you there beside me?
How else am I supposed to live?

You could never just do the expected,
I was just an idea in a bog,
But you sewed up your dream and we made quite a team,
Jim and Kermit, a boy and his frog.

It was me, Rolph, and you, but I think that he knew
There was something that you and I had.
The magic we made just kept growing,
And none of it ever was bad.

Then came Ernie and Scooter and Gonzo,
Doctor Teeth, Cookie Monster, and more.
But now all of those voices are silent,
And I want to go on... but what for?

No one can make me what you did,
No one could walk in your shoes,
Nothing can make me forget you,
But that's not a thing that I'd choose.

I can't just let it be over,
And you wouldn't want it that way,
So I'll stand up and I'll face it,
And, though not quite in your voice, I'll say:

I will go on without you there to guide me,
There's so much more I can give.
Whenever I sing, you will be there beside me,
As long as I keep you, you'll live.

We just wanted to make people happy,
I was always much more than your toy.
I will never regret and I'll never forget
What we had,
I'll miss you, Dad,
This frog and his boy.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/2010 - Seamonkey

They have holidays for everything. Today, for instance, is Sea Monkey day. They have holidays for dementia artists now? When is Luke Ski day? Barnes and Barnes Day? How about a day for William Shatner? Oh wait, I did that holiday.
So, here is Seamonkey with "Minimum Wage" to celebrate his holiday. Enjoy:

My job's going nowhere... so's my pay
And my employer has me workin' every day
And what do I get for bein' a slave?
That's only pocket change...

Even though I know
Business has been slow
So has my cash flow
I need more dough!

Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
And my boss will say what is my loss is always his gain!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!

Now they paid me... only two days ago
And now it's all gone! Nothin' left to show
And what do I want? I want a raise!
But what do I get?
A decrease in pay....

All my money's spent
I got no benefits
But I must pay rent
So I can't quit !!!!!

Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
And my Uncle Sam's wanting more than I'll ever make!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum WAGE!

Tell me now this can't be true
What am I supposed to do?
Tell me now this can't be true, yeah
I'm about to come unglued!
Tell me now what can I do oh yeahhhhhhh....

Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!
And my boss will say what is my loss is always his gain!
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum WAGE!

Despite all my rage I am still making minimum
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum
Despite all my rage I am still making minimum wage!

Tell me now this can't be true
I feel like I'm getting screwed
Now my phone bill's three months overdue!

And I still believe that I must have a raise!
And I still believe that I must have a raise!
Yeah I still believe that I must have a raise!
I still believe that I must have a raise!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/15/2010 - Veggietales

Well, today I am leading a Veggietales Sing-A-Long at my parent's church. A friend of mine introduced me to Veggietales shortly after I got out of the Navy and I grabbed that like it was oxygen and ran with it. I did a speech in my college speech class about what Veggietales was and why they should be watching it (which got rave reviews.) The kids at my church have all been introduced to it numerous times. I know a most of the early songs (the last few DVDs I have been too busy to actually even watch... must get around to that.) So when my mom wanted to do a Veggietales Sing-A-Long, she asked me to lead it. It should be fun... singing some songs, doing some magic, performing with Clunky, my big brown Cookie Monster like puppet. I wouldn't consider it a Medemia concert because, well, it's not my songs, but I can see where it is good experience :) It should be fun.
In the middle of most Veggietales shows, there is a segment called, "Silly Songs with Larry." It's the part of the show where Larry (the Cucumber) comes out and sings a silly song. Fun stuff. This is one of my favorite silly songs, "Schoolhouse Polka". Enjoy:


Friday, May 14, 2010

5/14/2010 - The Aquabats

Today's post is less about the song and more about the story of the celebration. In 1945, a farmer went out to get a chicken for dinner. He found a nice rooster and decided that was the one to eat. He swung his ax and decapitated it. Well, the rooster went back to pecking for food immediately. Apparently, the axe had chopped off most of the head, but had missed the jugular vein, left one ear and part of the brain, including the entire brain stem. The farmer, thinking this was weird, left the poor rooster to die overnight. In the morning, he walks out and the rooster is still alive, its head under its wing. So, the farmer decides that if the rooster wants to live that bad, he'll find a way to feed it. So the legend of Mike the Rooster is born.
Mike lived for 18 months, becoming a national phenomenon with a national tour. He went from being 2 lbs to 8 lbs being fed by an eyedropper. So the every 3rd weekend of May, in the town of Fruita, Colorado, the story of Mike the Headless Chicken is celebrated to commemorate the fact that, in fact, you do not need a mind to live, just will.
Find out more about Mike the Chicken Here
And our song, in keeping with Mike the Chicken, is "Magic Chicken" by the Aquabats. Enjoy:

I was born out back
Behind the chicken shack
I was raised in a cardboard box
And before when I was single
I used to hear the chicken jingle
That's how I learned the chicken rock
When I'm in the mood, dude
I get some nuggets and stuff
And head on down to the fights
I'm rolling in my wheelchair
Zipping down the hill
I'm screaming out "chicken"
In the middle of the night

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
Chicken makes me feel so good [x4]

When I first met my baby
I was sipping chicken gravy
And I thought I had to close up shop
(Weee pang!)
Now were wedding in a chapel
Eating chicken, drinking Snapple
Our chicken love you just can't stop
When I'm done a working
A sweating and a jerking,
And the bossman comes and tells me when
I'm going home to baby
Got my chicken, got my gravy
And we do the chicken dance again


Do the popcorn chicken
(Do the popcorn chicken)
Do the K-F-C
(Do the K-F-C)
Do the buffalo wing
(Do the buffalo wing)
Do the pioneer
(Do the pioneer)
Can you dig it?
We got the chicken!
Cut it up, cut it up, cut it up
We got some chicken guts
In a chicken cup!

I'm a chicken ma-chine!!!

We got the chicken!
We got the chicken!
We got the chicken!
Pappy Parker's
We got the chicken!.


More lyrics:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

5/13/2010 - The Casimir Engine

There are those commercials about the guy working as a surgeon who makes a brilliant move, the nurse asks him about being a surgeon, and he replies that he isn't, but he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, implying that the experience made him brilliant in fields he knew nothing about. I'm not sure if I feel the same way now after listening to this song, but I do feel... something. It may be a slight tickle, or a couple of brain cells dying, but hey, that's dementia music for you :)
This is The Casimir Engine, which consist of David (?) from the U.K with, "Holiday Inn Express". Enjoy:


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5/12/2010 - Medemia

On May 4th, 17 year old Steve Consalvi called and asked his dad if it was O.K. for him to go run out on the field at the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. Dad apparently said no, which any good father would, but 17 year olds know more than their parents, so he went anyway. For his efforts, he was tased.
This song is about 3 taser incidents, Steve Consalvi's, an 72 year old woman who began cursing a police officer who pulled her over and dared him to tase her to stop her from getting back into her truck and driving away, and the Florida University student who was tased at a John Kerry townhall meeting, better known as the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" incident.
Here's "The Taser Dance". I hope you enjoy:

You can run if you want to
You can leave your seat behind
‘Cause your dad says go and if he says go
Well, you can lose your mind
I say, you can run to the third bag
On the base I’m sure you’ll find
You can scare Jimmy Rollins into running away
Leave his glove there far behind
And you can run

Go as fast as you want to
Not as young as you was once
And the cop pulls you off from the road that you drive
And you think that he’s a dunce
Say, you tell him that you’re done here
He says don’t, I will stop you
But you walk with a ‘tude because he’s been rude
Who cares about the man in blue

And say

You’ll be stunned, You’ll be stunned
When things are out of control
Best not run, best not run
You’ll be shaking like a fool
They will chase, they will chase
The cop just can’t run that fast
Don’t resist, don’t resist,
Or you’ll be changing your pants

It’s a Taser dance
Oh well, it’s a taser dance
Yes it’s a Taser Dance
It’s the Taser dance

Well you ask if you want to
You’ve got all your books and mind
You can ask John Kerry why he didn’t query
About fraud at election time
I say, you can shout if you want to
You can push those guards behind
But when you interrupt the forum and mess with decorum
Well, the hooks will unwind

Don’t let you know, let you know
What you did that was wrong
You should know, you should know
Maybe you should heed this song
Don’t do it bro, don’t do it bro
Please just listen to me
Don’t tase me bro, Turn it off
I forgot to use my Degree


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/11/10 - Rhett and Link

I stumbled on this one today looking for something to celebrate, "Eat What You Want Day." So forget your diet and go do some fattening fast food.

This is Rhett and Link with, "Fast Food Folk Song." The Taco Bell worker is pretty good. Enjoy:

Iʼll start with a taco, soft like a cloud
I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud.
Iʼll choose a chalupa, Iʼll grab a gordita,
and two taco salads for our senoritas.
And a Burrito Supreme, with extra sour cream
Itʼs a cylindrically shaped seasoned beef dream.
A taquito. An enchirito. Some cinnamon twists.
A chicken border bowl. Are you gettinʼ all this?

And you know that nothing beats a
hmmm, mmmm...Mexican Pizza...
Weʼll take two of those, but please hold the diced tomatoes.
And I admit, Iʼve always felt,
like Iʼm in love with the meximelt.
Make mine with a little extra love, and think of me...
as the cheese drops from your Taco Bell glove.
and thatʼs it.

No! Iʼm not done...Iʼll also take a...

Double-decker taco cause Iʼm feeling wild
And make my sauce Fire. Uh, heʼll take mild.
and weʼll take two Mt. Dew Baja blasts
for a chance at 25 dollars cash
Iʼm told thereʼs a winner for every 5 minutes
Iʼm stealing your online code if you win it.
Why would you do that? You owe me 25 bones
I owe you 5. Plus interest--it was a loan.
And I think weʼll be satisfied, if we get some mexican rice on the side.
And thatʼs it.


Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/2010 - Rick Cormier

59 year old Rick Cormier is starting to get some play lately in dementia circles (and when I say that, Emi/DJ Particle is playing him on her weekly show as of late.) He has some interesting ideas and executes them well. The video on his main music page on his Soundclick music page sounds like it should be done by the Boobles -- if they did Elvis songs. But this is not about that song.
Rick Cormier has recalled the spirit of Rod Sterling in this song in a parody of the classic Carpenter's song, "Close to You." Here, Rod talks about how he cannot get a date because you have taken drastic, Twilight Zone worthy, steps to ensure that you're the only one around able to get a date. Well, you technically.
Here's Rick Cormier with, "Clones of You"

Why do you suddenly appear
Over there, when you're here?
Goodness me, he seems to be cloned from you

People stop. Stare in dumb surprise
Because twice, you've walked by
Golly gee, there's at least three clones of you

In the days before their births, the doctors got together
And decided to create another you
So, they sprinkled cells from sterile vials and, in a while
Instead of one, there's two!

That is why all the girls in town, when I call, turn me down
They've got dates with ninety-eight clones of you

Serling: OK, repeat the bridge then do the third verse again,
and repeat the outro over and over and over
Mac: Copy that, Mr. Serling
Serling: And, what song are we doing after this?
Mac: I Know There'll Never be Another You, Mr. Serling
Serling: Oh goodie, I like that one!

In the days before their births, the doctors got together
And decided to create another you
So, they sprinkled cells from sterile vials and, in a while
Instead of one, there's two!

That is why all the girls in town, when I call, turn me down
They've got dates with ninety-eight clones of you
I'm too late......they procreate....with clones.....of you

Waaaaaaaaaa.....clones of you
Waaaaaaaaaa.....clones of you
Waaaaaaaaaa.....clones of you
Waaaaaaaaaa.....clones of you


Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/9/2010 - Paul and Storm

Well, this is really, "The Barry Tones" which is Paul and Storm in 4 part harmony. Since it's Mother's Day, I thought a thoughtful, touching, thank you song to all the moms of the world would be in order. Since I really couldn't find one of those, here's Paul and Storm's "Mother's Day Song". Enjoy:

Wow, that works. There's the link to the page it's actually on. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Mother’s Day is here
Everybody give a cheer
For the ladies that we call our Mother Dear

I tried to find a card
But you know, it’s really hard
To find the one that captures all the love that’s in my heart

And so instead, I’m singing you this song
Because I am so grateful to you, Mom…

So I say
Thanks for having intercourse with dad
Without a condom, sponge or IUD
Your lack of objection to sex without protection
Made a sperm and egg turn into me

You gave me life, love, a home, and food and clothing every day
I gave you stretch marks and extra weight that never quite went away

I mean it
Thanks for having intercourse with dad
The carnal act that brought me here to you
I don’t know if it was varied or merely missionary
But it sure was good for me; was it for you?

I’m elated that you mated
Your love you consummated
You got inseminated
Then waited and inflated
Inside you I gestated
Until from your womb I cascaded

Thank you Mom…for doing…my Dad!
(I’m so glad that he had you, thanks for doing my Dad)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

5/8/2010 - Crazy Frog

It's beginning to sound like Saturday night with Blaksmith in here! If you listen to Dementia Radio on Saturday night, Blak usually plays four versions of this song. This is my favorite of the four because of the Crazy Frog interludes. This is "Popcorn" by Crazy Frog. Are you ready to dance?


Friday, May 7, 2010

5/7/2010 - Five Iron Frenzy

Happy No Pants Day! Well, I'm wearing pants though. Don't want to scar my daughters and co-workers for life -- as well as keep my job. They have no sense of humor there.

To celebrate this annual celebration, I submit this Rock Opera to you. Five Iron Frenzy is my favorite group of all time. They are a Christian ska group that really had some fun. Some of their stuff is just plain silly and fun. In reality, their music, with Weird Al, really was my gateway into the dementia community. Too funny. Unfortunately, the group has gone the way of a car after Chris Waffle driving it and broken up, but their songs remain.

This is some group's lip sync of most of the Rock Opera. This is the "Pants Rock Opera", also affectionately called, "These Are Not My Pants." Enjoy:


Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/6/2010 - Ramstein

How do you sum up a career in 3 and a half minutes? Well, Ramstein has decided to try to tackle this task with his song about David Hasselhoff.
Ramstein is Joseph Mythosian from Fort Collins, Colorado. Here he takes the greatest one hit wonder of the 1980's and makes it about the career of David Hasselhoff. Here is Ramstein, parodying A-Ha's, "Take on Me" called, "Hasselhoff." Enjoy:


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/5/2010 - Tom Lehrer

To tell you the truth, I suggested this song on the MMA as a Cinco De Mayo song never actually hearing the song, just on the name alone. Well, I guess I have to say... my instincts were 100% right! Wow, what a great politically incorrect song to celebrate a holiday not even celebrated in Mexico but gives millions of Americans the excuse to get drunk and miss work tomorrow!
Tom Lehrer sings this song about a trip down to Guadalajara and visiting the bull fighting ring. Listening to the studio version, I can still hear the points where the audience would chuckle slightly and then where there would be a roar of laughter. Very funny song that would probably get him killed by someone today, here is Tom Lehrer with "In Old Mexico". Enjoy:

When it's fiesta time in Guadalajara,
Then I long to be back once again
In Old Mexico.
Where we lived for today,
Never giving a thought to tomara.
To the strumming of guitars,
In a hundred grubby bars
I would whisper "Te amo."

The mariachis would serenade,
And they would not shut up till they were paid.
We ate, we drank, and we were merry,
And we got typhoid and dysentery.

But best of all, we went to the Plaza de Toros.
Now whenever I start feeling morose,
I revive by recalling that scene.
And names like Belmonte, Dominguin, and Manolete,
If I live to a hundred and eighty,
I shall never forget what they mean.

(For there is surely nothing more beautiful in this
world than the sight of a lone man facing singlehandedly
a half a ton of angry pot roast!)

Out came the matador,
Who must have been potted or
Slightly insane, but who looked rather bored.
Then the picadors of course,
Each one on his horse,
I shouted "Ole!" ev'ry time one was gored.

I cheered at the bandilleros' display,
As they stuck the bull in their own clever way,
For I hadn't had so much fun since the day
My brother's dog Rover
Got run over.

(Rover was killed by a Pontiac. And it was done with
such grace and artistry that the witnesses awarded the
driver both ears and the tail - but I digress.)

The moment had come,
I swallowed my gum,
We knew there'd be blood on the sand pretty soon.
The crowd held its breath,
Hoping that death
Would brighten an otherwise dull afternoon.

At last, the matador did what we wanted him to.
He raised his sword and his aim was true.
In that moment of truth I suddenly knew
That someone had stolen my wallet.

Now it's fiesta time in Akron, Ohio,
But it's back to old Guadalajara I'm longing to go.
Far away from the strikes of the A.F. of L. and C.I.O.
How I wish I could get back
To the land of the wetback,
And forget the Alamo,
In Old Mexico. Ole!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/4/2010 - Moosebutter

Well, today is May 4th. May the 4th be with you! (I stole that from David Tanny. It is very funny though.)
To celebrate today's date, here is a big viral video about Star Wars and John Williams, but it's not by Corey Vidal, who made the video famous with his 4-man solo act lip sync of it. It is by the original group, Moosebutter. Check out Moosebutter on their webpage, They've got other songs there to listen there, including a puppet video of Psycho: The Musical.
Here's Moosebutter with, "Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)":


Monday, May 3, 2010

5/3/2010 - Max DeGroot

I've featured Max quite a few times. Well, here he is again with a new song. I had my wife listen to it last night and all she could say is... "Oh, gross. Potty humor." It didn't have the same effect on me :)
Here's Max DeGroot with, "Bathroom Blues." Enjoy:

They called a meeting right at 8 AM
I got some joe when I was driving in
They served some more just as the meet began
Then talked about our stupid business plan

Sitting three whole hours list'ning to this bull
Now my kidney's working and my bladder's full
Wish they'd end this meeting cause I need to go
Now they're saying stuff that I don't need to know

Cause I need to go
I need to go
End this stupid meeting cause I need to go
I need to go
I need to go
Stop your stupid yapping cause I need to go

This Powerpoint is boring me to tears
My butt feels like it's sitting here for years
The charts and graphs are blurring in my brain
I want to flush it all right down the drain

My every thought is of a waterfall
It's getting harder not to leak at all
But this room is just not where I need to be
The only thing is I need's a place to pee

Cause I need to go
I need to go
Don't care about our profits cause I need to go
I need to go
I need to go
Just put it in a memo, cause I need to go

Cause I need to go
I need to go
My eyes are turning yellow cause I need to go
I need to go
I need to go
Please have mercy on me cause I need to go

Reach the damn conclusion don't leave me in fear
Wondering if I'm ever getting out of here
Tell me what the point is please don't mess around
I feel the level rising soon my brain will drown

Cause I need to go
I need to go
Before I leave a puddle, please, I need to go
I need to go
I need to go
Let us take a break because I....oh dammit...


Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2/2010 - Tom Smith

Thanks to Dr. Don, we have this wonderful live version of Tom Smith singing, "Just Give the Money to Me." As a bonus track, the end is Worm Quartet singing, "R2-D2". This is live at PenguiCon, which is happening as I type. Here's Tom Smith at the FuMP-For-All, "Just Give The Money to Me":


Saturday, May 1, 2010

5/1/2010 - Dean Elliot

Happy May 1st. There's love in the air. As well as protests and communist nostalgia. Ah, a great day to be alive.
No, I'm not putting Jonathan Coulton's song up today. I thought about it but that definitely does not pass my self-imposed profanity limit. Instead, with Cirque du So What coming out with Stoogefighter, I thought this one could be funny. It's ok. It's Dean Elliot doing a experimental mix of backing track and various Three Stooges clips. He was experimenting with Cakewalk as someone who works as a tech writer for them. This is called, "Curly's Trance". Enjoy:

Dean Elliot can be found on Soundclick. He has another, more recent song that is pretty funny that DJ Particle played on Revenge recently called, "TSB" that definitely doesn't pass profanity filters. Have a good day!



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