Friday, May 21, 2010

5/21/2010 - Daniel Iorio

Daniel Iorio is a songwriter from Montreal. With the hockey playoffs now featuring the Montreal Canadians and the Philadelphia Flyers, I guess some bad blood is starting to brew. Hearing that it is Philadelphia, that little surprise. After all, they booed Santa Clause. One fan purposely threw up on an off-duty police officer and his daughter at a Phillies game.
Well, apparently Pat Hickey, a sports writer who follows the Montreal Canadians, was parked outside of the hockey game in Philadelphia when someone vandalized his car, ripped off the rubber from the front bumper, and stole his license plate. Having to drive back to Montreal that night, he did get stopped twice by the police but they let him go because they heard about the incident on the news. Well, the guy who vandalized the car was brilliant. He went and posted the stolen license plate picture on Facebook bragging how he vandalized some poor Montreal fan's car. He is now denying it was him since the police have become involved, but I see a segment here for News of the Stupid.
Daniel Iorio does a parody of "Streets of Philadelphia" called, "Cheese of Philadelphia." Enjoy:


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