Friday, May 21, 2010

5/22/2010 - Devo Spice

I am going to be away from a computer on Saturday, so the song of the day gets posted a few hours early.  Since Friday was the 30th anniversary of Pac Man, complete with really cool Google homepage with working Pac Man game, I figured we needed a Pac Man song.  So this is the 2007 release of Sudden Death's "Pac-Man" featuring ShoEboX, a parody of "Smack That" by Akon and Eminem.  It is still my favorite Pac Man song out there, although "Pac-Man is Naked and So Should You" is pretty good too.

So here's Devo Spice with ShoEboX with "Pac-Man".  Enjoy:

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8-bit, up front
Processor, Z-80
224 x 288 displaydy
Up at dawn, see the girl that I stayed with
Joystick callin' me, begging to be played with
Jump up, and then I make a run for
Find the nearest arcade, bust through the front door
I hear it, gotta track down
Ooh I see it, in the back now
I obey its insert coin orders
Money no problem, pocket full of quarters
I hear it beeping, I can see it in the corner
Wanna caress the yellow decals that adorn her
Maybe I'll take it home and hide it near my porno
And possibly play it naked, stand back I'm playing

Pac-Man, I'll play some more
Pac-Man, my arm is sore
Pac-Man, drool on the floor
Pac-Man, oooohhh
Pac-Man, I play for days
Pac-Man, I cleared the maze
Pac-Man, the practice pays
Pac-Man, (death sound)

Ooh, looks like another dumb sequel, they'll never
Equal the classic Pac-Man game
Baby Pac, Super Pac, what's next, Grandma and
Grandpa Pac-Man, man that's lame
Ghosts chase him all through the light blue walls
Eat a power pellet now they got blue balls
Wondering how he even moves at all
Or how much he can eat before nature calls
Cleared that stage didn't think I could do it
Gonna try the next one, nothing to it
Inky and Blinky got me on the run
And Pinky, ("NARF!"), no the other one
But there's a door to the right and I sneak away
Come back on the left now I'm on my way
It defies the laws of physics but I can't complain
Because I live to play again another day, Pac-Man!
I play each day so that my game will keep improving
Some day I'll figure out just how the ghosts are moving
Can't wait to see the big budget live action movie
With Richard Simmons as Pinky, and Patrick Stewart as
Pac-Man, I played till 4:00
Pac-Man, got the high score
Pac-Man, my wife is sore
Pac-Man, "Get your ass back home right now!"
Pac-Man, I see that blob
Pac-Man, my nipples throb
Pac-Man, I lost my job
Pac-Man, "You're fired!"

Games today, they got high def graphics
Real time 3D, looking fantastic
Accurate physics, rumble controllers
Sex and violence and still these games all
Suck! Seriously, what the f...heck?!
They play just like a train wreck
They can't compete with this yellow circle

I play it every time I'm hanging out at the mall
It's on my cell phone so I play whenever I call
Maybe I'll have the ROM implanted in my eyeball
So that I'm always playing, 'cause damn I love that
Pac-Man, big yellow head
Pac-Man, no blood is shed
Pac-Man, no hookers dead
Pac-Man, ooooohhh
Pac-Man, can't play no more
Pac-Man, they locked the door
Pac-Man, "You're mom's a whore!"
Pac-Man, "Let me in, damn it! I have to play! *sob* Pac-Man! PAAAAC-MAAAAANNNNN!! *bwa-ha-ha!*

"Dammit, where's my megaphone?"
"Dude, you're totally obsessed"
"Oh, bite me."


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