Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5/12/2010 - Medemia

On May 4th, 17 year old Steve Consalvi called and asked his dad if it was O.K. for him to go run out on the field at the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. Dad apparently said no, which any good father would, but 17 year olds know more than their parents, so he went anyway. For his efforts, he was tased.
This song is about 3 taser incidents, Steve Consalvi's, an 72 year old woman who began cursing a police officer who pulled her over and dared him to tase her to stop her from getting back into her truck and driving away, and the Florida University student who was tased at a John Kerry townhall meeting, better known as the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" incident.
Here's "The Taser Dance". I hope you enjoy:

You can run if you want to
You can leave your seat behind
‘Cause your dad says go and if he says go
Well, you can lose your mind
I say, you can run to the third bag
On the base I’m sure you’ll find
You can scare Jimmy Rollins into running away
Leave his glove there far behind
And you can run

Go as fast as you want to
Not as young as you was once
And the cop pulls you off from the road that you drive
And you think that he’s a dunce
Say, you tell him that you’re done here
He says don’t, I will stop you
But you walk with a ‘tude because he’s been rude
Who cares about the man in blue

And say

You’ll be stunned, You’ll be stunned
When things are out of control
Best not run, best not run
You’ll be shaking like a fool
They will chase, they will chase
The cop just can’t run that fast
Don’t resist, don’t resist,
Or you’ll be changing your pants

It’s a Taser dance
Oh well, it’s a taser dance
Yes it’s a Taser Dance
It’s the Taser dance

Well you ask if you want to
You’ve got all your books and mind
You can ask John Kerry why he didn’t query
About fraud at election time
I say, you can shout if you want to
You can push those guards behind
But when you interrupt the forum and mess with decorum
Well, the hooks will unwind

Don’t let you know, let you know
What you did that was wrong
You should know, you should know
Maybe you should heed this song
Don’t do it bro, don’t do it bro
Please just listen to me
Don’t tase me bro, Turn it off
I forgot to use my Degree


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