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5/14/2010 - The Aquabats

Today's post is less about the song and more about the story of the celebration. In 1945, a farmer went out to get a chicken for dinner. He found a nice rooster and decided that was the one to eat. He swung his ax and decapitated it. Well, the rooster went back to pecking for food immediately. Apparently, the axe had chopped off most of the head, but had missed the jugular vein, left one ear and part of the brain, including the entire brain stem. The farmer, thinking this was weird, left the poor rooster to die overnight. In the morning, he walks out and the rooster is still alive, its head under its wing. So, the farmer decides that if the rooster wants to live that bad, he'll find a way to feed it. So the legend of Mike the Rooster is born.
Mike lived for 18 months, becoming a national phenomenon with a national tour. He went from being 2 lbs to 8 lbs being fed by an eyedropper. So the every 3rd weekend of May, in the town of Fruita, Colorado, the story of Mike the Headless Chicken is celebrated to commemorate the fact that, in fact, you do not need a mind to live, just will.
Find out more about Mike the Chicken Here
And our song, in keeping with Mike the Chicken, is "Magic Chicken" by the Aquabats. Enjoy:

I was born out back
Behind the chicken shack
I was raised in a cardboard box
And before when I was single
I used to hear the chicken jingle
That's how I learned the chicken rock
When I'm in the mood, dude
I get some nuggets and stuff
And head on down to the fights
I'm rolling in my wheelchair
Zipping down the hill
I'm screaming out "chicken"
In the middle of the night

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
Chicken makes me feel so good [x4]

When I first met my baby
I was sipping chicken gravy
And I thought I had to close up shop
(Weee pang!)
Now were wedding in a chapel
Eating chicken, drinking Snapple
Our chicken love you just can't stop
When I'm done a working
A sweating and a jerking,
And the bossman comes and tells me when
I'm going home to baby
Got my chicken, got my gravy
And we do the chicken dance again


Do the popcorn chicken
(Do the popcorn chicken)
Do the K-F-C
(Do the K-F-C)
Do the buffalo wing
(Do the buffalo wing)
Do the pioneer
(Do the pioneer)
Can you dig it?
We got the chicken!
Cut it up, cut it up, cut it up
We got some chicken guts
In a chicken cup!

I'm a chicken ma-chine!!!

We got the chicken!
We got the chicken!
We got the chicken!
Pappy Parker's
We got the chicken!.


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