Saturday, May 1, 2010

5/1/2010 - Dean Elliot

Happy May 1st. There's love in the air. As well as protests and communist nostalgia. Ah, a great day to be alive.
No, I'm not putting Jonathan Coulton's song up today. I thought about it but that definitely does not pass my self-imposed profanity limit. Instead, with Cirque du So What coming out with Stoogefighter, I thought this one could be funny. It's ok. It's Dean Elliot doing a experimental mix of backing track and various Three Stooges clips. He was experimenting with Cakewalk as someone who works as a tech writer for them. This is called, "Curly's Trance". Enjoy:

Dean Elliot can be found on Soundclick. He has another, more recent song that is pretty funny that DJ Particle played on Revenge recently called, "TSB" that definitely doesn't pass profanity filters. Have a good day!


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