Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/15/2010 - Veggietales

Well, today I am leading a Veggietales Sing-A-Long at my parent's church. A friend of mine introduced me to Veggietales shortly after I got out of the Navy and I grabbed that like it was oxygen and ran with it. I did a speech in my college speech class about what Veggietales was and why they should be watching it (which got rave reviews.) The kids at my church have all been introduced to it numerous times. I know a most of the early songs (the last few DVDs I have been too busy to actually even watch... must get around to that.) So when my mom wanted to do a Veggietales Sing-A-Long, she asked me to lead it. It should be fun... singing some songs, doing some magic, performing with Clunky, my big brown Cookie Monster like puppet. I wouldn't consider it a Medemia concert because, well, it's not my songs, but I can see where it is good experience :) It should be fun.
In the middle of most Veggietales shows, there is a segment called, "Silly Songs with Larry." It's the part of the show where Larry (the Cucumber) comes out and sings a silly song. Fun stuff. This is one of my favorite silly songs, "Schoolhouse Polka". Enjoy:


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