Friday, May 7, 2010

5/7/2010 - Five Iron Frenzy

Happy No Pants Day! Well, I'm wearing pants though. Don't want to scar my daughters and co-workers for life -- as well as keep my job. They have no sense of humor there.

To celebrate this annual celebration, I submit this Rock Opera to you. Five Iron Frenzy is my favorite group of all time. They are a Christian ska group that really had some fun. Some of their stuff is just plain silly and fun. In reality, their music, with Weird Al, really was my gateway into the dementia community. Too funny. Unfortunately, the group has gone the way of a car after Chris Waffle driving it and broken up, but their songs remain.

This is some group's lip sync of most of the Rock Opera. This is the "Pants Rock Opera", also affectionately called, "These Are Not My Pants." Enjoy:


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